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Custom RF Welded Product; RF Welding for all sized projects

Whether it is a prototype needed for sampling purposes or thousands of pieces necessary to supply the market, we have several options to facilitate your needs. Our years of experience allow us to supply the best possible custom RF welded products while adhering to stringent budget and lead time parameters.

Radio Frequency (RF) Welding - also known as dielectric welding, is a method of bonding through the conversion of electromagnetic energy into heat. RF welding joins bipolar thermoplastic film or sheet material using heat produced by radio frequency energy. The amount of heat applied to the material is proportional to the RF power output of the generator. A pneumatic press applies pressure while pre-seal, seal, and cool time is controlled by electronic timers. Our various sized presses allow us to create numerous styles and shapes of custom RF welded products.

Global Resources
Frontier has a global resource network available to us to supply you with the right material to ensure your product functions to your exact specifications. We can source a wide variety of specialty formulation materials such as class VI medical grade vinyl, urethane, DEHP free vinyl, latex free vinyl, water resistant, mildew resistant, chemical resistant, UV resistant, puncture resistant, antimicrobial and cold crack resistant films.

Frontier Medical Products has over 35 years experience with designing and manufacturing custom RF welded products in our USA based facility. As a growing company, we are committed to service and helping our customers develop high quality products while saving time and money in the process.

Variety of Products
We manufacture such products as sealed bags for packaging, drainage bags for medical use, blood pressure cuffs, industrial lift bags, medical bladders, drainage plugs and bladders, oxygen bags, bladders utilized in military applications, thermal therapy enclosures, custom liquid bladders, ice bags and inflatable air bladders.

In-house Operations
Frontier offers in-house secondary operations such as personalization, valve sealing and tube installation, sewing, tube gluing, hardware attachment, assembly packaging and inventory management. In addition to manufacturing the products, to help assure superior quality products in the field, we can also add life cycle testing and ongoing leak testing for every shipment.

Contact us at or 262-284-1055 and let us assist with a current product or getting started with a design and prototype. We have worked from sketches to multi-billion dollar companies and everything in between. Let our expertise help you.

Frontier Medical Products

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